Art and Feminism, edited by Helena Reckitt with a survey by Peggy Phelan

Happy International Women’s Day! Given that yesterday’s IWD post was rather bleak, I thought today I’d cheer us up (sort of…) with some feminist art.

Art and Feminism is published by the excellent Phaidon and provides an overview of female artists who have explored feminist themes in their art. As well as an introduction to a huge range of female artists, this is also an introduction to a wide range of art mediums – painting, sculpture, photography, performance art, installation and moving image.

Peggy Phelan’s introductory essay provides a context for understanding how these varied pieces fit into the journey of art’s relationship with feminism. The pieces are grouped into sections on the role of female artists in wider revolutionary art movements, their role in a specific ‘feminist art’ movement, works related to exploring gender differences, interactions with other identities (e.g. race) and the shape of feminist art by the end of the 20th century.

The pieces aren’t always pretty – but they feel necessary. Up the revolution!

A Funny Thing Happened Sue Williams 1992



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