Hercule Poirot’s Christmas by Agatha Christie (1938)

Next up as part of Christmas Week here at Brontë’s Page Turners, an Agatha Christie classic that will make you very grateful for the relative uneventfulness of your Christmas family gathering, whatever its other challenges!

Christmas is a mega family affair, but I’m sure we all struggle at some point with enforced family assemblies during the festive season. I, for example, am steeling myself for endless repeats of ‘more sprouts, Nanny Iris?’ since our beloved matriarch is refusing to believe she is losing her hearing, and instead insisting that everyone else in the ENTIRE WORLD – including all newscasters, and the Queen – is simply mumbling. But it’s all love and we just get on with it, right?

Not so multi-millionaire Simeon Lee’s family. The tyrannical patriarch unexpectedly invites his mostly estranged family to congregate for Yuletide, and ends up dead on Christmas Eve in a classic locked-room mystery. Who killed him? What does it have to do with a puzzling package of diamonds? And what on earth are the Lee family going to do for Christmas dinner now?

So, if it all gets a bit much on Christmas day, make some excuse about overdoing it on the cheeseboard (a believable tale) and retire to a quiet corner with an eggnog to take solace in a Christie Christmas Classic.

P.S. My Nan is gonna whoop me if she reads this.


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  1. Sounds perfect! I blogged about The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding this week – there’s something very reassuring about Poirot at Christmas 🙂

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